November 2, 2017

Cade – Men’s

Gravity Expedition 45 Pack

This pack is a great lightweight pack with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It doesn’t have excessive features that add weight; it is perfect for missions where you want to be light and fast. The adjustable top makes it easy to expand for carrying lots of gear, but stays compact when it isn’t full. In Squamish I used it to carry all my gear for a day at the crag– including the rope with the rope carry system–and it worked great. Later the same day I used it to carry a speedwing up the Chief. I love the simple yet versatile design of this backpack, it has the perfect number of pockets to stay organised, rides well on your back, and hardly weighs anything at all.




Rise Tour 45+ Pack

This pack has plenty of room for all my gear. I love the placement of the shovel pocket for all my avalanche gear. It is very fast to get to no matter what and you can still access the rest of the pack without having to move the avy gear out of the way. On my last pack I would end up scattering my avalanche gear all over the place trying to get into the main compartment and hoping I wouldn’t lose anything while I was digging around inside. This is a much safer system and way more convenient. There are multiple ways to rig skis for hiking with them on your back and places for an ice ax, poles, and crampons. The large main compartment is big enough for a speed wing and there is room enough left over in the accessory pockets for all the necessities. It has a great snug fit and doesn’t move around on your back even when full.


ACT Lite 65+10

This pack features big time capacity but feels light and comfortable on my back. The load distribution system on this pack works wonders; combined with the ergonomic padded hip belt, it is one of the best fitting packs I have worn. The back ventilation system keep me cool when I’m working up a sweat. The compression straps are great for making the pack a bit smaller when I’m not carrying so much gear. I really like the multiple access points so if you’re looking for something deep you don’t have to explode your whole pack to find it. I haven’t gotten the chance to take it on a big backpacking trip yet but the time I have with it on my back makes me confident to spend more days out in the backcountry knowing I will be comfortable and have plenty of room for everything I need.  




Becca – Women’s

ACT Trail Pro 32 SL

This lightweight pack is perfect for longer day hikes or super-lightweight overnighters. I have also used it to lug around bulky camera gear when there’s a longer carry to a destination and for extended mountain bike rides. I love the women’s specific fit and extra padding on the hip belt to make it more comfortable, especially when I’m carrying a lot of weight. It also features a great ventilation profile to manage sweaty back syndrome on hot hikes. It is packed with features and versatility despite it’s low-profile design. The rain cover is easy to pull out in an unexpected downpour and tucks away back in its integrated pocket with no fuss. The numerous smaller pockets keep your phone and other accessories organized and the stretch outer pockets accommodate water bottles and wet/sweaty/bulky items with ease.




ACT LIte 60+10 SL

I immediately sold my previous overnight backpack after I tried this pack. It was easy to get an initial fit on the pack and to continue to make adjustments on the go. The ACT ventilation system always keeps things cool on my back, even in hot weather. The pocket design keeps lots of gear organized on multiday trips, with easy access to various parts of the pack from all sides. It’s easy to expand the volume for longer trips or to accommodate bulkier gear. I love the stretchy outer compartment for easy access to layers or to hold soggy gear without affecting everything else in the pack. If you’re carrying a smaller load, the compression straps make it easy to cinch everything up and keep the load evenly distributed. The women’s specific SL fit is the most comfortable design I’ve felt for my torso length and width.


All photos courtesy of Becca Bredehoft & Cade Palmer