November 2, 2017

Talus 3 Tent

This tent is easy to set up, super roomy on the inside, and really well-ventilated. I love the bright yellow colors for gloomy rain days when you’re stuck inside and the widespread mesh for dry nights when you want to look at the stars and enjoy the view without any nylon getting in your way. It packs down small for how spacious the interior area is and sleeps two tall humans and a dog with room to spare for gear. We’ve taken it backpacking, on river trips, and used it as the ‘guest house’ outside our van this summer when we had friends in town visiting. The gear storage areas inside keep things organized and the ventilation system keeps you dry and comfortable when you get stuck in a rainstorm.


the north face



Campforter Double (Long) Sleeping Bag

We are head over heels for this two-person sleeping bag! We got it right before we put in on our 3-week river trip through the Grand Canyon this spring and couldn’t believe how comfortably we both slept in it for the entire trip. We are both relatively tall, so we got the longer length, and it was plenty long and roomy for both of us. It’s wider than two single sleeping bags when you’re inside it, but actually really low-volume when packed. The zipper goes all the way around the bag, so you can actually zip it apart and use it as two blankets for around the van or campfire or in a hammock. With the double-sided zipper, it’s also possible to unzip both sides to each person’s liking so it lets more air in on warmer nights. The bottom layer is synthetic and the upper layer responsibly-sourced down–bonus! On cold nights, it’s super cozy and warm with extra insulation around the feet and a roomy hood area that allows for plenty of space for those of us that sleep with real pillows in the backcountry and our arms above our head. This sleeping bag revolutionized snuggling in the wilderness for us.


the north face