Jake Philpot

I’m a mountain enthusiast. I’ve thought about other ways to describe myself but “lover of the high places” sums it up best. Whether it’s a multi-day backpacking trip, climbing some remote peak or skiing an alluring line during the winter, the mountains are where I find myself.



Battle of the Belay Devices

‘Tis the Season Spring has sprung and that means sport climbing season is in full bloom. Whether...


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Sin City’s Sandstone Secret: 10 Reasons Red Rock Rules

Vegas-people: everyone has at least a couple of friends that fall into this category. You know the...



Camping with your Significant Other

Campsite for Two Please Stars hover across the night sky, a fire crackles in the background as you...


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The Rock: Tahquitz Trippin'

Visionary. Bold. Classic. Climbing at Tahquitz rock is all of those things and more and has served...



Beginners Guide to Trekking Poles

When I first started backpacking, my young knees gobbled up boulder-strewn descents with ease. I...


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Beginners Guide to Mt. Whitney

The allure of Mt. Whitney is obvious: at 14,505 the granite massif towers above the Owens Valley...