Wayne is a climber, aspiring writer, and bookworm who, at a young age, was tragically diagnosed with a complete inability to give a single bother. Wayne spends the majority of his free time falling off scientifically provable 'high gravity' problems.


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Black Mountain Clean Up

To say that rock climbing has become more popular would be a massive understatement. Climbing gyms...



Climber’s Dictionary: Volume 4

This is it.  The final volume to complete our Climber's Dictionary.  Now you can officially talk...


Climber's Dictionary: Volume 2

If you thought Volume 1 was helpful, then you're gonna be psyched on Volume 2. Dab: This is not...


10 Gifts for the Outdoor Dad

I’m sure more than a few of us inherited our love of the outdoors from our parents. A fatherly...