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The Road Traveled: A Climbing Thought Piece

While pushing ourselves climbing, where or when do we draw the line and call it a day? We've all...

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Protect The Lands We Play In

Enjoying our climbing spaces requires countless hours of maintenance, bureaucratic hurdle jumping,...

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Thru Hiking in Peru: Pre-Trip Planning for an International Adventure

Preparing for this particular trip has been a big challenge, and will probably be the most...


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Meet our Ambassador: Jake Carpenter

When did you realize your love for the outdoors? When I was 8 years old my parents sent me across...


Athlete Feature | Featured Story | Journals

Meet our Ambassador: Nayton Rosales

Did you have any support from family and friends when you made the transition to truck life? When I...

Climbing shoes

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10 Things to Know When Buying Climbing Shoes

Buying climbing shoes can be daunting, especially if it’s your first pair. Here are 10 tips to...