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Backcountry Essentials

Whenever we head into the backcountry it is a good habit to pack essential items. Some of these are...


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2018 Bucket List

“It’s important to share your goals so friends and coworkers can help you achieve them,”...


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Tips on How to Layer this Winter Season

We’ve all been in the position when it’s freezing (or feels like it) and you forgot a key piece...


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Meet our Ambassador: Luke Allegre

Tell us how you came to love the outdoors. My father has been backpacking long before I was born,...


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Black Mountain Clean Up

To say that rock climbing has become more popular would be a massive understatement. Climbing gyms...


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Weekend road trip to Squamish for the Arc’teryx Climbing Academy

It is a rare opportunity for us to get away from our busy tandem paragliding season in the summer,...