April 4, 2016

Dirtbags, we’ve all heard about them and some of us dream to become one.  They are full of stories of their “secret-van-camping-spots” in Yosemite Valley to their elusive climbing projects that no one has ever seen (or can scarce get to). You often find them relaxing in the Hidden Valley Campground parking lot at first light, waiting for their french press to steep. Everything from the climbing tape used to patch up their down jackets to the blown out approach shoes they wear lends a hint to their simple and free lifestyle. Then there are those of us who are caught between both worlds. I’m talking about us weekend warriors. Those who dwell in the city during the 5 day work week and find ourselves each Friday, all at once, unhindered by the promise of the new weekend. Whether we have plans to work a highball project at Black Mountain for the day or retreat to a powder stash on the Sierra Eastside, we work hard during the week so we can play even harder. Unlike the fabled dirtbag, we find ourselves with a lingering sense of fashion and are at odds with the outdoor clothing industry. To find an inch of style in the many bright and obnoxious color schemes and technological bells and whistles seems to be quite the challenge nowadays. Yet there are some companies out there which are blurring the lines of outdoor functionality and stylish appeal. Let’s call it “Adventure Chic”.


Patagonia Lightweight Capilene

Adventure Chic

My personal panacea for stylish functionality. This piece has been up many climbs with me and worn under my shell whilst skiing the steep powder. You can still find it on my person when its time to hit up the local bars in town and unwind after a long day in the hills.

Atom LT Jacket


Wind resistant, water resistant, and durable the Arcteryx Atom LT Jacket will keep you warm on a blustering belay ledge and with it’s sleek and subtle look, will blend into any outfit you wear out on the town with ease. To me, this jacket is the quintessential piece of outerwear that bridges the gap between functional outdoor wear and casual, stylish  warmth.


Oh yes, and its also great at weddings with formal black style and superior mobility. Especially if you need the extra edge to catch the garter.


Evolv Cruzer


Functional yet sleek, the Cruzer’s have the sticky rubber to get you up the death slabs in Yosemite Valley and also the traction needed when you spill your drink on the dance floor. Cuff the pants to add some stylish flair and hipster-like vibes.