January 9, 2017

Coopers had a great 2016!  We especially loved all of the time we spent outside on adventures.  Here are some of our favorite moments from the year.


“This was at the top of the headwall, beginning the Matthes Crest Traverse. My party and I started fairly late in the day with the hope of avoiding any traffic, but when we arrived at the base we were still third in line. We simul-climbed the headwall and then basically soloed all the way to the south tower (the end of the first half where most people rappel) and arrived there just in time to catch the sunset. We decided to keep going and we finished the traverse sometime after midnight.”



cooper Photo by Michelle Jung

“I grew up in the central valley, just 2 hours outside of Yosemite National Park.  Though I had been many times as a child I never appreciated how grand the national park was.  Here I am, after 20 years, at Glacier Point peering off the edge of the ‘diving board’ in awe of Yosemite Falls.  It wasn’t until this moment that I could fully grasp how spectacular Yosemite is.”



cooper Photo by Ashley Sukiko

“Joshua Tree has some of the most amazing rock formations; Headstone is a perfect example.  The Southwest Corner was the first route I ever followed in the park and just shy of a year later I lead it myself.  It was a proud feeling sitting at the top watching the sunset.”



“One of the most amazing views I had ever seen. Almost seemed like I was looking at a giant painting.”

-Alex C.



“I’ve been climbing for about 8 years and was never stoked to go bouldering outside. To me, bouldering is just pebble wrestling; practice climbing, if you will.  A weekend with no plans, I gave in to an invite from a couple boulder bros from work to head up to Bishop. Watching friends crush double digit problems left and right, hanging out, and climbing into the darkness with a group of great people gave me some new found respect for a facet of climbing I had previously written off.”




“Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. I took this with my Nikon D7200 with a self-timer, at about 8am on our last day in Canada this November. My friend Sabrina (on the left) is a wildland firefighter in Chelan, WA and lives in Wenatchee. We decided to drive to Canada and attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival. It was an incredible trip filled with hikes, lots of films, and great speaker panels.”




“I consider life an adventure, even the stuff we must trudge through. After healing from numerous surgeries involving my leg and wrist, I felt well enough to re-learn walking on my hands. Against a dramatic Pacific scene, it felt amazing to push through pain, celebrating the returned use of my body in my first home of San Diego.”



cooperPhoto by Dan Delange

“First light on Mt Shasta.  May 31, 2016, 5:56 am.  Skinning up to peak at over 14,000 ft.  Skied down 7000 continuous vertical feet.”




“I turned 23 the day this photo was taken. It was hour 37 of no sleep.  I still had 2 more days, 2 more national parks to see, 18 more hours of driving, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”




“I have always admired the resilience of Joshua Tree.  It reminds me to work for the things I want in life.”




“I’d hope everyone has a happy place,

but I know that’s not a real expectation.

We live in a world where people say they don’t have time

I say that’s a lie.

We all have the same amount of time in a day.

How do you choose to prioritize your time?

I choose to make the mountains a priority,

a place where my fear turns into courage

my doubts into confidence.”