August 10, 2016

It’s Day 2. After Day 1 shenanigans and the BD Factory Tour shenanigans (post coming soon), I’m not sure how I’m awake, let alone walking to the convention center. Not sure if I could sit through another day of meetings, so I go out on a loser solo search for more gear to nerd out on.

outdoor retailerOh, coffee at the Rab booth. That’s how I survived.

The talk of the show was Wild Country’s new Revo belay device. This thing had already won 3 show awards before I arrived and I’m sure it got more after I checked it out. That’s because it’s sick; it’s a bi-directional device, meaning you can feed the rope from either direction (eliminating even the most gumby of accidents). It uses centrifugal force to lock the device; once the center piece starts spinning over a certain speed, it releases the locking mechanism. To lower your climber, you can easily lift the upper corner to smoothly let them down.

outdoor retailerWhat a beaut.
outdoor retailerWell deserved awards.
outdoor retailerFive Ten with clean redesign of quite a few of their shoes. Can’t wait to wear some of these bad boys.
outdoor retailerSierra Designs makes awesome and innovative sleeping bags. If you’re looking for a new bag I highly recommend checking them out, they’ve got something for everyone.
outdoor retailerFrictionLabs drying their hands in the liquid chalk game (ahhhh, see what I did there?!).
outdoor retailerThey’re also repackaging they’re product so lazy gym climbers don’t even have to dump their chalk in a bag!
outdoor retailerNina Williams. Still not Alex Honnold but much better looking. Super proud of her for over-coming her fear of water and crushing it at the Psicoblock Masters.

After cruising in and out of meetings and bugging vendors about their gear, I ran into Cheyne Lempe, I think he realized that I am kind of a loser so he let me tag along with him the rest of the day.

outdoor retailerMHW athlete Cheyne (pronounced: Shane) and Gear Coop marketing Cheyana (pronounced: shy-ana). English is hard, man.

I ended up riding with him on the media bus up to Psicoblock wall along with worlds best redpoint free-soloist and Climbing Mag associate editor, James Lucas, some writer dudes from Outside Mag, Rock and Ice guy, Gear Junkie review person, and other writers with popular blogs. Needless to say, I was out of place; I felt like I brought a crash pad to El Cap.
outdoor retailer

That feeling was short lived as MHW handed out some dry-fit shorts, 3 pairs of shoes to swap with each other, and then told us we have 30 minutes to climb the wall. Cold climbing 5.13 with no chalk, shoes that don’t fit, wet holds, and for the first time deep-water soloing was quite the experience.
After drying off, they ushered us on a tour of the Olympic facility that ended with a fancy dinner in the VIP section of the competition. There was even a salad fork, at least, I think it was a salad fork? That’s the small one, right?

outdoor retailer
James Lucas taking the first plunge

Skip to the end to watch me eat shit.

outdoor retailerLegend Tim Emmett sharing some inspiration and stories. Don’t know who he is? Do your homework, gym climber.

Eventually, some of the Coop crew joined me to watch the seeding round and get things a little rowdy.

outdoor retailerSome of the female climbers, not sure who, but one of them fell.

Huge shout out to Mountain Hardwear for letting us in on one of climbing best events. They did a killer job putting it on. We can’t wait to work more with you in the future.