January 24, 2017

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This year at Outdoor Retailer there was a lot of the same ol’ same ol’ . So we got curious, what are the vendors at OR excited about? What do they think was worth skipping out on all the recent snowfall and make the trip to Salt Lake City? We caught up with some of the more innovative brands in the industry – Mountain Hardwear, Black Diamond, The North Face, and Adidas to name a few.

Outdoor Retailer

Mountain Hardwear launched a program they’re calling the “Impact Initiative.” They support a crew of awesome people doing amazing things that give back more than just to the outdoor community. We’ll let Jeff Brandon explain more.

Outdoor Retailer retailer

In line with the theme of sustainability, adidas Outdoor is taking your plastic that’s ended up in the ocean and turning it into something useful. Dan Sherwood has a lot to say about what they’ve come up with.

Outdoor Retailer

Tim Beck from The North Face was a blast to catch up with. Him and his crew of designers are hard at work to bring you more comfortable, top-of-the-line gear. We’ll have his soothing man-voice do the rest of the talking.

Outdoor Retailer

Over at Black Diamond, they were so stoked on their local mountains getting snow for the entirety of the show, they had to show off their new skis.

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