February 14, 2018

Forget overcrowded restaurants – it’s time to add some flavor to Valentine’s day. Here at the Coop we are more than happy to throw bouquets to the wind and go on an adventure for February 14th. Here is a list of ten great adventurous date ideas to surprise your special someone.


Play hide and seek at Ikea

I mean, who wouldn’t love this date? Plus, two hot dogs and a drink for under $5? Cheap and fun, the two requirements for a perfect dirtbag date.


Camp under the stars

It’s no surprise we’d suggest camping. But seriously, imagine a night under the brightest sky, cozy in sleeping bags. Removed from the hustle of the day, take a much needed mid-week break outside.  


Take a hike

If you aren’t feeling a long, overnight Valentine’s date we still recommend getting outside. Maybe take a long lunch break from work and go for a hike. Something a little spontaneous, something short and sweet, not a bad way to get some points this V-day.




Build a fort

Harness your inner child and build a fort with a loved one. String some leftover Christmas lights, set up a movie and cuddle up in a mountain of blankets. What I’ve found helpful is creating the base structure with my tent and building out from there.


Try out a new gym

We think it’s time to spice your relationship up a little, to change things up. No, not your GF/BF, your gym! Take your partner to a gym new to both of you. Experience their setting style together and enjoy a new environment. Heck, it’ll feel like the first time you’ve ever climbed together. Daww….


Head to Joshua Tree and climb their spicy, romantic routes

Being in SoCal, it is so easy to jump in the car and wind up in Josh. Celebrate the holiday by taking your love to some of the park’s most steamy routes: Heart of Darkness and Young Lust are some of our favorites.




Binge watch youtube climbing videos

We know you do it on your own. Why not bring your Valentine in on the secret too. Who knows, they might dig it. Make some popcorn and settle in for a night of Ondra screams and reggae music.


Have a hard work out sesh

I absolutely love working out with my significant other. We motivate each other and really enjoy spending time working towards fitness goals. Plus, endorphins are the best. They are this powerful hormone in your body that have the ability to turn a terrible day into a great one. There is no better feeling than getting tired, sweaty and high on endorphins with a loved one. Go take this day to push each other. Then you can enjoy that V-day candy without guilt.


Plan a trip over dinner

Maybe you do want to give something great for Valentine’s day, that’s great. May we suggest you gift an experience rather than a product? We love the idea of sitting down for a romantic dinner, planning a new getaway. Get excited about places to see and new experiences to share.


Romantic dinner for two – way above the crowds

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, you can always go for a dinner in the sky. Why not, right?