June 12, 2017

I’m sure more than a few of us inherited our love of the outdoors from our parents. A fatherly half to any dynamic duo of adventure, the truly dedicated outdoor Dad unflinchingly brings their child outdoors, and in so doing, instills a deep appreciation of the wilderness from which we all came. To them, backcountry excursions are more than a weekend getaway; they connect us with a natural heritage as deep and diverse as the families who explore it. This Father’s Day, we at Gear Coop show our appreciation for Dad, and offer some gift ideas for the pioneering patriarch in your life.

1 – Tilley LTM2 Airflo Hat 

As stylish as it is classic, the Tilley LTM2 Airflo Hat is as tough and reliable as the most rugged adventure dad. It’s designed to protect against harmful rays, repel rain, tie on in the wind, and let a breeze through.

Bonus hat cape Not all heroes wear capes. But some heroes wear hats. And with the Tilley Hat Cape, your heroic dad’s hat can sport its very own cape. Functional, stylish, and surely capable of some epic fluttering in the wind, it’s a perfect fit for the everyday hero in your life.



2 – LEKI XS 16 x 23.5 Table

Dads are masters of preparation, even if that means occasionally being masters of over-preparation. They enable and support the spontaneity that makes every trip truly memorable. For these dads, LEKI offers a folding table that is lightweight, compact, and surprisingly sturdy. A perfect companion to any folding chair, the LEKI XS provides a flat surface to bring a little civilization to any wilderness. Setting a romantic forest picnic. Card games in the mountains. One more reorganization of that legendary tackle box. The possibilities are endless.


3 – Oboz Sphinx Mid BDry Hiking Boot 

For me, the concept of dadliness is most perfectly represented by the carrying of various objects. Like all generalizations, it is flawed and somewhat untrue, but is a striking mental symbol nonetheless. It follows that the shoes that carry the dad’s subsequent weight are of great importance. This year, show your appreciation with a pair of Oboz Sphinx and help keep the outdoor dad grounded. Whether they’re out on the trail or just taming the backyard jungle, the Sphinx offers rugged, yet comfortable footing. With Oboz’s BDry breathable, waterproof membrane, the Sphinx will keep moisture away without being a sweat trap.


4 – Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks

If there’s one downside to having an outdoor dad, it’s that sometimes they can start to smell a little funky. After a full day on the trail, even the most conditioned dad’s feet can start to get gross. But with Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks, you can do your part to help fight the unmistakable stench of dad-thletes’s foot.



5 – Osprey Poco AG Plus Backpack

Speaking of carrying things, the Osprey Poco AG Plus Backpack is the enlightened solution for bringing a little one along on all your outdoor excursions. Designed with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, the Poco AG lets you safely and securely set the pack down unassisted. Equal parts backpack and child carrier, it enables both parent and child to trek in comfort.


6 – The North Face Paramount 3.0 Convertible Pant

If there’s anything dads like more than functionality, it’s dual functionality. The North Face Paramount 3.0 Convertible Pants are just that. When the trail gets too hot, two zips and your dad’s calves will be able to soak in some much-needed rays. With a DWR finish and a UPF of 50 and a zip pocket on the right side, these pants are as multi-talented as any jack-of-all-trails outdoor dad. It’s pretty much the next best thing to having a convertible car.


7 – Black Diamond Moji Charging Station

While we’re on the topic of dual functionality, the Black Diamond Moji Charging Station brings just a touch of modern life to the great outdoors. With the ability to provide up to 250 lumens through its dimmable LED in addition to being a powerbank for electronics, the Moji will brighten any outdoor excursion. Upload to social media. Entertain the kids. Snapchat lesser dads to shame them for their unpreparedness. Do it all without worrying about running out of power with the Black Diamond Moji!


8 – OluKai Ohana Sandal 

Of course, a love for the outdoors doesn’t always mean an excursion into the backcountry. Luckily, OluKai makes durable, comfortable, and environmentally responsible sandals for the beach dad in your life. The classic Ohanas combine a non-marking gum rubber outsole with a coral reef lug design for added grip with high-quality synthetic materials that use no animal products. Built to be as water-friendly as the most weathered beach dad, the Ohanas have a compression-molded midsole and a drop-in footbed that will mold to any foot.


9 – Smith Trail Blazer

Any beach goer knows that enjoying time in the sun isn’t quite the same without some shades. This year, you have the chance to save your old-school pop from tiring out his arms in a permanent salute to shade his eyes. The Smith Optics Trail Blazer sunglasses feature a minimalist, rimless frame designed to give your dad’s eyes protection from the rays without obstructing views for an immersive sunglass experience. Smith’s ChromaPop Polarized Tapered Lense Technology (TLT) Lenses provide superior clarity. The frame is designed to be ultra lightweight, comfortable, and durable. As a result, we take no responsibility for when forgetful dad asks if you’ve seen his shades while wearing them.


10 –  BlueWater K9 Cord Dog Leash

Society might not consider you a real dad if your only child is furry and adoptive, but one look into the eyes of your adorable outdoor sidekick (and sometimes wingman), and you know society is wrong. That’s right, it’s 2017, and you may not technically be a biological father, but here at Gear Coop, we appreciate all you dog dads out there just the same. So treat yourself and your cuddly adventure buddy with a BlueWater K9 Cord Dog Leash. Made from ‘upcycled’ mill ends of mountaineering rope, the K9 Cord uses the same weight-rated, durable material familiar to climbers in their ropes. Rated for 400 pounds of force and highly chew-resistant, you can play tug-of-war with your pup to your heart’s content with the K9 Cord! Just make sure you have dental coverage beforehand.


Cover Photo Courtesy of Tilley