January 10, 2018

It’s 2018 ya’ll and the name of the game this year is self care. This practice has been buzzing around the internet recently and we are more than thrilled to jump on board.


Self care at its core is about taking a small portion of the day and dedicating it to one’s self. Dedicating this time will strengthen your mental wellness and in turn will affect your life in a positive way. Whether its taking a hike, reading a book or treating yourself to something special – you simply need to be a little selfish and take some time for yourself!


As climbers, we can benefit from practicing self care in so many ways. Our focus is so intently committed to our physical well being that it is easy to neglect our mental care regimens. Yes, your climbing skills will benefit from doing twenty pull ups, but being great at an activity is arguably more mental than physical. By practicing self care you will find yourself handling stressors better, feeling prepared to tackle difficult tasks or projects, and more than anything just feeling confident throughout the day. We wanted to share the five ways we press the pause button and take a minute to care for our mental health throughout the day.


Take a Walk


Just like hitting a reset button for your brain, a simple walk will allow you to remove from the immediate environment and allow the time to just breathe in and relax for a few minutes. Leave that stuffy gym or crowded crag for a moment of peace, a moment of silence. The silence doesn’t always come from sounds either, sometimes just silencing the commotion surrounding your day will refresh your mind and recharge your spirits. I will say, escaping to nature is ideal. There is something special about the smells and sounds of outside that will really reset a mindset and recharge a spirit.


Heal your Hands


Many of the internet’s self care guides include beauty tips, ways to pamper yourself. So we asked ourselves, what would a dirtbag do to pamper themselves? Of course, hands. There is nothing more important to a climber than proper hand care. At the Coop, we swear by Climb On! balms. Made with therapeutic essential oils, this all natural skin care bar will nourish your hands and heal the damage made by rock and plastic.


Read a Book


Regardless of whether you grab a literary work of art or the newest edition of the Riverside Quarry climbing guide, a reading break will do wonders for your mental health. Turn off the Netflix machine and relax with a good read before leaving for work or right before bed. Reading before starting the day works as a warm up for your brain. You’ll notice an increase in your focus and a sense of clarity throughout the morning. Reading before bed will calm you down and will result in a better night’s sleep. Falling asleep to a screen or monitor can really disrupt sleep patterns. Unplug for a bit before sleeping and you’ll notice a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. Let’s be real, who couldn’t use more/better sleep? No need to raise your hands, we know. We know.


Write a List of Goals


Taking pen to paper and listing out personal goals can be both therapeutic and enlightening. We suggest physically writing this list down. Writing by hand will force you to slow down slightly and flex some muscles that you probably don’t use often (plus, finger dexterity brah). Really think about what you want to accomplish. Include goals that are measurable, goals that are realistic and include a few that are huge, that will take a while to achieve and really inspire you to keep at that hard work ahead.


Treat Yo’ Self


Finally, make sure to play Tom Haverford every once and awhile and treat yourself to something new. Save up some dollars and purchase a new beanie for your bouldering uniform or a pair of new climbing shoes. Gosh, who doesn’t love new shoes – seriously. Shoes have this magical, unexplainable power that creates confidence out of nothing.Why wouldn’t you treat yourself to something that will make you feel great? Especially if the shoes could be free. You did know that we are giving away a free pair of Mad Rock Drones right? So, instead of spending that hard earned dough, you could write a review for our new website and win a pair. Either way – treat yo’ self, it’s good for you!