February 23, 2018
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Crushing on Burton’s 2018 NASA Uniforms

Remember when we were young, when the world was brand spanking new? Everything was exciting and adventures hid around every corner. Your imagination flourished on fresh air and endless opportunity. Days were spent exploring forbidden caves and backyard jungles, filled with man eating tigers and anacondas lurking among trees. Heck, you probably went to the moon. I know I did. I spent hours on hours building my space shuttle, testing my regulation NASA suit and preparing for launch day. 3…2…1…Blastoff! I was an astronaut breaking through the atmosphere at a record speed, the moon as my target. You see, Earth was in a desperate need for a new cheese source and I was the only qualified astronaut who could survive such a mission.


Back down on Earth and in present day, Red Gerard won the US our first gold medal of the Olympic games in South Korea. At 17 years old, he flew past his competition and stood on the awards podium, over the moon with emotion. He really fit the character too with the spaceman getup he was sporting. As soon as we saw them, we were in love. Burton, the official uniform designer for the US snowboarding team designed the collection to be reminiscent of old school NASA space suits. And it may just be me, the retired moon explorer, but I want one.


First of all, their iridescent outerwear is made with an aluminum coated fabric. How spacey is that? Both Burton’s and the USA logo are written out in the classic NASA fonts. The traditional blue meatball logo even makes an appearance on at least one of the jackets. I could seriously go on for days, but you get the picture. The collection incredibly mimics old school astronauts and we couldn’t have hoped for a better way to dress our Olympians.



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Space has such a specific feeling to it. When you look up to the stars, emotion immediately floods your mind. It could be the terrifying vastness of what could or couldn’t be. Maybe it’s knowing that we’ve been up there, that we have successfully broken barriers of atmospheres and seen beyond our world. The Olympics are such a wonderful way to bring these values and emotions back into our lives. We are watching the most incredible humans alive excel and blow past their own goals. Anything can happen, the opportunities are endless. The Olympics are about pushing a body to its limits and then trying to go further.


And as we watch our athletes, we will feel that inspiration. We will feel the drive, we will find our mountains. Our quest for more, for new, for farther is ever reaching – like the boundaries of space. As skiers and boarders and climbers we can appreciate this reaching in such personal ways. We will never turn down an adventure. We will always continue towards our goals. There ain’t no mountain high enough baby. And that’s the whole of it. It’s why we wake up before dawn, we tear apart our fingers and rip through our muscles. It’s why we never say die and go one more time even after the light is long gone.


Most of all, what I love about the Burton uniforms is not that they represent our astronauts, but this delicate memory of playing spaceman as a child. They represent the feeling of potential that we ca go to the moon, or win an Olympic gold medal. If anything, these uniforms represent what we can do, to the furthest reaches of our imaginations. We will watch our snowboarders get higher and go faster than they may have thought possible. But, we thought we’d never make it to the moon at some point too.


Possibilities will always be endless. It is our imaginations and our wildness that will continue pushing us forward. You will harness that wildness to wake your ass up at 3am to get out in the snow. You will find yourself daydreaming about the next climb on your bucket list. Cubicles won’t hold us, they won’t stifle that incredible imagination that will push us towards our next adventure.



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As I sit here at my computer, I can’t help but stare starry-eyed at Burton’s uniforms and daydream about what’s next. That part of me that still wishes for days of bare feet in long grass, dreaming of the moon. I think about where I’ll go, what I’ll find, what tomorrow will look like. We live in a world where a Tesla orbits the Earth and an underdog teenager can win an Olympic medal. Opportunities are without end here and we should feel the push, the urge to get out there and grab them. Go where no man has gone before, find something new, explore this great world of ours. I implore you to find that wildness inside you and get out for an adventure. Do as our amazing Red Gerard has done and reach for those stars. Take one small step, you’ll feel how far a leap it actually is.


Needless to say, we are giving Burton a solid 7/7 on their uniform design this year. They captured our sense of wonder, our imaginations and our strive to go further. Dang Burton, you did good. Ten year old me is kicking myself that I am not already geared up in a full mock space suit heading to Mammoth right now. As sad as it is, the collection is slightly impractical to purchase. So as soon as you’ve wiped away the tears, here are a couple options that are NASA inspired.

See ya out there!

Photo Sources: Nbcolympics.com, Wfla.com