March 6, 2018

Both our solid foundation and our power houses, Gear Coop women are pushing us forward into bigger and better endeavors while still crushing it outside.





Hiker, kayaker, climber, mountain biker, skier, Category Manager and the Director of Business Development.

“I develop partnerships with new brands and buy all the things.”


Crushing on

There are so many great ones to pick from! In my opinion the greatness of the products is only matched by the greatness of the people who work for the brand. You can tell from the attention to design and materials that the people who design and create Rab products have an intense passion for “getting after it” outdoors. But seriously, they’re all so amazing!


Favorite snack on the trail

Apples and almond butter.


Tent/sleeping bag addict

My garage is packed with bins and bins of gear. I can’t stop myself, especially when Mountain Hardwear’s Phantom Flame 15 sleeping bag is perfect in every way.


Outdoor Industry Pro

I’ve been in the industry nearly 15 years…eeeek!


No more Shrinking and Pinking

Fortunately, the outdoor industry has promoted an ever increasing number of amazing female leaders (check them out!) Nowadays, as I walk the aisles of industry trade shows the sea of plaid-clad men is dotted with more and more females.  Just as shrinking and pinking (literally taking men’s outdoor apparel styles and making them in the color pink) is no longer acceptable, neither are archaic attitudes…and that makes me happy.


Reading right now

Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and Raising Your Spirited Child (because I have a very energetic, strong-willed 3 year old and I’m trying to understand her language).




Super Mama

I really enjoy just getting outside doing anything I can…now most outdoor pursuits are part of our family time so I don’t do any activities with quite the same ferocity that I used to, but that’s alright.  It’s equally rewarding and exciting (and sometimes way more intense)!


Favorite Sticker

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect.”  It went on the bumper of my first car, 1995 VW Golf


#thriveoutside means

Feeling whole, completely at peace and uninhibited