November 8, 2017

We camped out at the water cooler to find out which Reel Rock 12 film our staff is most excited to watch.

4th Place: Above the Sea


Photo by Adam Clark

The love-child of climbing and a cannon ball competition, deep water soloing is entertaining and has captured our sense of adventure. Some Coopers are ready to trade their trad racks for swim trunks and take to the sea.


Tied for 2nd Place: Stumped


Photo by Cedar Wright

It seems like the line, “you never had any excuses” really resonates among the Gear Coop staff.  Many Coopers spend their weekends projecting.  It can become an easy routine to walk in on Monday and express to co-workers the 19 reasons why you didn’t send.  Many of us feel that this short film will give a new perspective on climbing.


Tied for 2nd Place: Safety Third


Photo by Dan Krauss

Brad Gobright is well-known and loved amongst Gear Coop staff.  Many of us climb at the same gym as him, some of us have had beers with him, and one of us even went to high school with him.  Brad is a local athlete and we are all so stoked to see him get some very well-deserved limelight.


1st Place: Break on Through


Photo by Greg Mionske

Her Instagram picture broke the internet – as far as climbers are concerned at least. We loved seeing Margo completely overwhelmed with her accomplishment. The raw emotion seemed to leak through cell phone screens and wash over all of us at the office. We are stoked to see her story on the big screen.

Cover photo by  Greg Mionske