August 2, 2016

Over the past decade I’ve found myself living in Southern California.  I’ve taken well to the ocean and local yoga studios, but there has been a certain void in my soul.  Just ten years ago if you had met me, it would have been in the forest, specifically in Vancouver, Canada.  You wouldn’t have been able to distinguish the forest floor from my hiking boots (something I find myself reminding my co-workers at the Coop).  And, yes, I do realize that I am incredibly lucky.


As the marketing director at the Coop, part of my job is to develop marketing initiatives which take contest winners on epic rad-ventures.  A few months ago I met with my Arc’teryx friends to chat about launching a social media Haiku contest and the winner would get a free trip to Squamish Climbing Academy in Squamish, B.C.

cheyana cheyana

Our winner, Meghan, is awesome!  She was amazingly grateful with winning a trip for two to Vancouver, tour of the Arc’teryx factory, Arc’teryx swag, hotel room, car rental,  and VIP treatment at Squamish Climbing Academy in Squamish, B.C.  We decided that myself and our designer, Ariel, would tag along to document the trip of our winner.  I was through the roof  I could already feel my toes squishing the mossy ground, and my Canadian accent was coming back full force!   I no longer felt sorey for myself.

cheyana cheyana cheyana cheyana

I can’t thank Gear Coop and Arc’teryx enough for opening up this opportunity. Contest winners Meghan and Matt, thanks for being just so cool and easy going. Cheers to the most amazing sourdough bread and of course to my home away from home, beautiful Squamish, B.C. See you next year!
cheyana cheyana cheyana