September 20, 2016

The Big Agnes Fish Hawk 30 is an extremely comfortable and lightweight sleeping bag that’s great for car camping and backpacking. This bag is made with water repellent 650 fill DownTek technology and is a bit taller across the top of the bag. This allows you to roll over and move freely within the bag. This feature is huge for me because I move around a lot, but am mostly in the standard position that 90% of us are. So most sleeping bags are pretty constricting to me, but the Fish Hawk was always very comfortable because of the width of the bag. Now most people would argue that this feature will not keep you as warm as, say, a mummy bag. Big Agnes has integrated the new Insotect Flow which keeps the same insulation as a mummy bag would.

fish hawk

It has two zippers, so you can slip your leg out of the bag if it’s a little warm out, clutch. The hood of the bag has a one-hand cinch which makes it easy to adjust around the head, and also yields a no-draft collar that seals around your neck to keep cold air from sneaking in.

fish hawkPhoto: Nick Tunnicliffe

Probably my favorite feature is that the bottom of the bag has an elastic fabric that fits many different sizes of sleeping pads, so you never roll off of it. You best believe I stuck my Insulated Double Z pad inside that thing and never let it out. So now that I’m home from Squamish I get to sleep in my bed again, yay -_-. I can’t wait to get back outside so that I can sleep in my favorite bed, and who knows, maybe I’ll just have to resort to my front yard. I just may do it.

fish hawkPhoto: Nick Tunnicliffe