May 3, 2017

Posiwire Quickpack

One of my biggest issues while climbing overhanging routes is clipping. When I’m starting to feel pumped, even the slightest catch on the nose of a carabiner can be an issue. I really liked the Black Diamond Posiwire quickdraws, though, because they made this challenging task almost effortless.

The dog bone gave it a nice feel and size — it made it easy to reach for and hold onto the draw if I needed to. Plus, clipping was also never an issue because the gate action of the carabiners always felt smooth and clean. After using the Posiwires, I’ve decided that these are going to be my go-to draws for overhanging sport routes. They’re just so light and durable – I’m not sure what else I could ask for. (And they come in really cool colors too!)

Positron Screwgate Carabiners and 18mm Nylon Runner

One of the most important parts to any climb is building an anchor and I like to use gear that is both light and strong. While I always want to build a bomber anchor that everyone feels safe on, I also don’t want to climb with extra, unnecessary weight.The Positron Screwgate Carabiners and 18mm Nylon Runner were the perfect combo. I trusted the strength and durability of the nylon runner and I absolutely loved the Positron Screwgate Carabiners. They were so easy to hold and felt pretty light on the hand; clipping was easy and the green keylock helped to differentiate these from the rest of the gear I had on hand.