January 25, 2017

Corey spent 3 weeks in Bishop, CA during the cold month of December.  While the temperatures proved to be great for sending, he had to turn to some core clothing pieces to keep his limbs warm enough to continue crushing before he turned back to the warmth of Southern California.

Corey’s Gear Reviews

Arc’teryx Bird Head Toque Beanie

This beanie has proven its worth and quickly became one of my favorite pieces of clothing. The snug fit and depth gave my head great coverage without sacrificing comfort. I was able to wear this beanie all day without any irritation to my head hair, something most beanies are notorious for. On the colder nights of our recent trip, I ended up sleeping with this thing on several times as the well designed interior locks in warmth better than any other head wear I own, which resulted in less late night shivers.


Photography by Beta Bandits

Arc’teryx Satoro AR Crew

Lightweight and extremely soft, this layer really shined on the last day of our bouldering trip. Faced with a 20 degree morning, I was able to tackle my projects with this layer alone as my top, which is something any climber who’s attempted to climb in bulky clothing could appreciate. The insulation and tight fit it did prove to be too much while on the warmer days of our winter trip (50-60 degrees) but on the colder days this piece was convenient and soon became my my go-to.


Photography by Beta Bandits

Arc’teryx Phase AR Bottom

There are few things in life I can remember that felt extremely soft on my lower half; these comfortable bottoms definitely make the list. I quickly put these to work on the first morning of our trip, exiting the warmth of the van into the blissful sight of snow capped mountains just above the Buttermilks. I spent the next hour prepping coffee and breakfast in the elements outside the van in nothing more than these tight fitting bottoms, and I can say with confidence that it was equally as warm as it was magical. The rest of the day would consist of hiking and climbing all around the area, and the moisture wicking properties really shined through. The majority of our trip ended up being spent with these on as a result.