September 20, 2016

One thing that I stress about a lot when camping, climbing, or hiking is having a good chair, and the Helinox chair is my dream seat. In my trip to Squamish I took this sexy seat everywhere, whether it be out to the boulders, on a hike, out fishing, or even a day out on the lake.

HelinoxPhoto: Devan Gutierrez

I never even felt it in my backpack because It packs down to the size of a rolled newspaper. Because of the aluminum DAC poles used to hold up this throne, it only weighs 1.9 pounds! I know, I know, this chair may look dainty, but it can hold a capacity of 320 pounds, science. I even sat in the water with this thing, no rust. Can you believe it? I know it seems too good to be true, and that’s what I thought too, but this chair has definitely stolen my heart, and my butt. Til death do us part Helinox, I love you.

HelinoxPhoto: Nick Tunnicliffe