September 20, 2016

Game changer. This is the most comfortable pant I have ever climbed in, by far. The Solution pant is made out of 94% Cordura and 6% Lycra, meaning it’s uber stretchy and durable.

solutionPhoto: Nick Tunnicliffe

During my month in Squamish, judge if you want, this pant is all I wore. I put it through the test: bushwhacking through the dense forest, getting snagged on tree branches, sliding down low angle slab on my butt, you name it, I did it with these pants. No loose threads, no abrasions, nothing. They are so lightweight, I feel like I’m in my birthday suit, basically floating through my days. AND! Sportiva has integrated a closed hem.

solutionPhoto: Devan Gutierrez

This easily adjustable drawstring doesn’t move once you’ve cinched it down, bam. There is a brush pocket down by the knee, and an elastic back and front pocket so anything that goes in, does not come out. To recap, abrasion resistant, stretchy as hell, and light as a feather. Step up your climbing game this season and get yourself a pair of these La Sportiva Solution Pants.

solutionPhoto: Nick Tunnicliffe