September 20, 2016

The La Sportiva TX4 is, in my opinion, one of the greatest approach/hiking shoes out there. This beast of a shoe is wrapped in mega grip rubber up and around the toe, and the upper is abrasion resistant leather. So feel free to shove those babies in some crack boys and girls, she’s not budging one bit. One thing I love about Sportiva’s access/hiking shoes is the impact break system they apply to the bottom of the shoe. The lugs of the soles are oriented in opposing slanted directions. This opposition increases braking power by an average of 20% and decreases impact forces by an average of 20%.


When you’re doing any sort of descent on some loose scree or dirt, this is a huge lifesaver. Also on long downhill sections of hikes, this technology really saves your knees. I also noticed that the shoe is a bit wider in the forefoot which is great for all day wear. As we know our feet can swell up in the heat of physical activity; luckily, I was unable to feel any sort of tightness around my foot at any time.


So I am not one to like very bulky shoes, although I do understand that they provide a lot more support and different technologies than a minimal approach shoe. The TX4 is amazing to the fact that it provides all of the support that a bulky approach shoe would, and isn’t bulky at all. Good job guys.

Photography by Nick Tunnicliffe