November 2, 2017

Cade – Men’s

‘Eleu Trainer

Theses are the best water shoes I have ever worn. This is mostly due to the fact that they don’t feel like water shoes at all. They have a low-profile design, they dry quickly, and feel comfortable with or without socks. The sticky rubber sole makes them confidence-inspiring even on the wet rock. The first time I tried them was paddleboarding into Antelope Canyon on Lake Powell. We paddled as far as we could across the lake and into the narrow arm, then continued up the slot canyon on foot for a few miles. At the end of the day we had spent hours on the SUPs and a another few hours walking. I was amazed at how great my feet felt after that long of a hike in a sockless shoe. I also used them everyday on a three-week rafting trip through the Grand Canyon and they were the perfect blend of warmth in the cold water, protection, and comfort. They are great for all sorts of watersports or hiking when you’ll be in and out of the water.




Nohea Moku

These shoes are great for just about anything–I can comfortably wear them with socks or without. They are stylish enough to wear out to dinner with a pair of jeans but are also comfortable on an unexpected extended walk and will even take a swim just fine. I like the option of dropping the heel in to make them more like slippers when you need to just slip them on for a minute. They are incredibly versatile. I have worn them to a wedding and even used them paragliding in the mountains. The sole did great in the alpine environment, and they were easy to run in.





The refined look of the raised rope-core strap make these sandals pass as a ‘dress’ flop with jeans, but they are still super functional in an aquatic environment. I really like the ICEVA footbed, it feels like it molds to your foot, giving the impression of walking on memory foam. It is a sandal with all day comfort that is ready for any situation. These are my go-to everyday sandals. I wear them everywhere from walking around town, out to nicer meals, and jumping in the river on a hot day.



This quick dry sandal is my go-to for water activities. The strap securely hugs your foot, dry or wet. The footbed is plush and they have great traction. These were perfect on the flatwater portions of our three-week river trip through the Grand Canyon when I didn’t need the protection of a shoe. I take them on the town float through Jackson when I’m tubing or on my paddleboard. They stay on your feet when swimming and it’s amazing how quick they dry out. The slipper-like comfort makes them my go to for evenings around the van when i’m in and out of them frequently.


Becca – Women’s

‘Eleu Trainer

These are great low-profile and lightweight water shoes. On a few occasions, I have walked a few miles in them on wet hikes and they have done great in and out of the water. They are grippy enough for rock and log hopping, even when wet, but still feel comfy enough to wear all day. When another pair of water shoes gave me horrible heel blisters on our three-week Grand Canyon trip, I was so glad I had these to save my feet. They protect against rocks and drain well on the river. I also love the turquoise color and fun style. The flexible and lightweight design keeps them feeling like you’re barely wearing shoes when you’d rather be barefoot but need some foot protection. The design of the single cinch cord makes it easy to snug them up without having to tie laces. Although they are breathable and we haven’t had any issues with stankiness, we love that the footbeds are removable and washable to clean things up after a longer river trip.




These instantly became my ‘dress-up’ sandal the moment they arrived… I wear them with jeans, sundresses, and shorts. The back strap is adjustable for hot days when my feet swell, and the toe strap keeps them in place. The comfy sole and soft strap design make them cozy for all-day wear. I love the gold accent stripe–the colors are super versatile and can go from casual to fancier no problem. Most of our shoes get thrown into our shoe rack in the back of the van, but I found a special dirt-free spot just for these so I could keep them nice for dinners out or when I want to clean up a bit!




Kulapa Kai

These are my go-to flip flops for daily activities. I have worn them all summer–from everyday casual wear to dressing them up with jeans or a skirt to the perfect around-camp sandal for river trips. There are so many color options to choose from, it took me days to settle on one. The footbed is soft yet supportive for my high arches and they have held up to tons of abuse. I regularly wear them on dog walks along the river and around town. The straps are relatively narrow, so are flattering to women’s feet, but still supportive enough to not cut into the top of your foot. I’ve probably worn these everyday for the past 4 months and can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about them.



These slip-ons are so great to have around the van. The drop down heel is brilliant–finally someone created a shoe that you’re actually supposed to crush the back of! I’ve been squashing the heel of every shoe I’ve owned my whole life–it’s just easier when you only want to slip them on for a second. They look super cute with jeans or shorts and are amazingly breathable and comfy to wear all day. I have high arches and a narrow foot and these are surprisingly supportive, especially for a slipper design. I love the wide color selection–it was hard to pick just one! Also, the footbeds are removable and washable–I haven’t had the need yet, but it’s always nice to have the option to wash the liner on a shoe you don’t usually wear socks with.



All photos courtesy of Becca Bredehoft & Cade Palmer