September 20, 2016

Ever feel like you just need an escape from the bustle?  Maybe just a day in the wild to yourself?  How about a weekend in the forest with nothing but an endless panorama of moss covered pine trees and ferns?  Unfortunately, I cannot help you there, but if you do decide you want that, consider protecting yourself from the rain with the Escapist Tarp by Sea to Summit.  The Escapist is not your average blue tarp that folds down to the size of a refrigerator.  The Escapist is small, lightweight, waterproof, and VERY durable.  If you are new to camping, a tarp sounds like a potential “down-the-line” accessory.  If you are a veteran, you will understand the necessity of one.  Suffice it to say, this should be on the shopping list.

Escapist Tarp

The Escapist Tarp makes the most inept camper feel like a champion because the stuff sack contains 12 different ideas (with instructions) to set up your tarp.  The ladies will think you are an expert as you seamlessly fashion the tarp into a wind shield and a roof.  “Wow, Frank, you are so smart!”  Yes, you are.  Yes. You are.  Once the tarp is up, it is easy to make micro adjustments from underneath.  Simply pull on the cord at the corners.

Escapist Tarp

If you are a climber, this tarp is like having a speed adjust harness versus the traditional double back harness.  Nobody buys the traditional harnesses anymore.  Similarly, why would you buy a traditional tarp?

Escapist Tarp



  • Set-up instructions
  • Durable
  • Reinforced corners
  • Easily adjusted
  • Can be taken as a minimalist
  • tent when backpacking


  • None. Really.

Photography by Nick Tunnicliffe