January 8, 2018

Arc’teryx Cerium SL Jacket


The Arc’teryx Cerium SL Jacket is one of the lightest down jackets on the market. Weighing in at 6.5 oz, this is an essential piece for any outdoor enthusiast looking to lighten their load. The Cerium SL is filled with 850 grade goose down, this is some of the highest quality down out there. It regulates heat very well, has amazing warmth to weight ratio and basically feels like you’re wearing hot air. Arc’teryx has also placed synthetic insulation in areas of high wear, like the shoulders and wrist. This will ensure that the jacket will be even more durable and last longer than the other competitors. For 2017, Arc’teryx has used a new face fabric called Thisela, this provides a DWR finish to the jacket. DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent. I was very happy to see this new feature because I otherwise would have been extremely careful when walking through the forest as to not brush up against anything. This Cerium SL has proved to be more than I expected. It is surprisingly durable, very warm, fits great, and weighs next to nothing. I cannot wait to take it backpacking.


Arc’teryx Alpha FL 30

The Alpha FL 30 is, in my opinion, the most brilliantly designed piece I have seen in years.  Not one thing seems to be forgotten and not one thing is extraneous.  The unique fabric, N400-AC2, will keep the nastiest of elements out of your backpack, it is even air impermeable. The inside is pigmented white so that light is better reflected and gear is easier to find. The backpack is specifically designed to pair with other Arc’teryx Ascent products.  The most extreme conditions do not stand a chance! K2? No problem.


Arc’teryx Brize 25L


The Brize 25L is my daily backpack.  Whether I am going to the climbing gym, the coffee shop, or bouldering for the day, I bring the Brize 25L.  Organization is where this backpack excels.  No more misplacing things in your backpack!  The Aerform thermoformed back panel is both ergonomic and breathable.  Nothing worse than having a waterfall on your back after a 15 minute hike.  My favorite feature, though, is the straps that hold your water bottle in place when they are in the side pockets.  


Arc’teryx C80 Chalk Bag


I have two pet peeves when it comes to chalk bags: my hand doesn’t fit and, when cinched, chalk still puffs out.  The C80 resolves both these issues that somehow plague every other chalk bag I have used. I am baffled that the other companies have yet to figure this out, but fret not, because Arc’teryx has got you covered.


Arc’teryx Gamma LT


The Gamma LT will leave your body and mind in awe.  As you put the jacket on time may freeze, the world may diminish, but, no, you’re not in heaven, you’re just wearing a jacket that has been designed to actually fit.  Take a step outside, no matter if there is a light rain, you’ve got that DWR coating.  You hear it’s windy? But you can barely feel it.  Take a quick run around.  I know you’re not overheating, it’s too breathable for something silly like overheating.  Now, go back and buy this jacket.  Welcome to the dead bird club.


Arc’teryx Gamma MX


First and foremost, this jacket fits perfectly! How does Arc’teryx do it? I have no idea, but their clothing always fits flawlessly.  Arc’teryx has added this jacket to both their “favorite” category and “essentials” category, so you know this jacket is going to be a piece to not live without!  The MX means this piece is designed for mixed conditions like light rain, snow, backcountry skiing and early season climbing. The jacket is essentially two pieces in one with the fleece inner and the outer soft shell.  The outer shell being highly abrasion resistant and DWR coated to keep you safe when the weather decides to turn.    



All Photos Courtesy of Nick Tunnicliffe and Devan Gutierrez